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Feb. 5th, 2017

It's 00:30 and I'm sitting on my sofa with all these Morita Go feelings, thinking "What am I doing with my life?". Both real life and fangirl's life.
Everything seems to be just a shit except the fact that it's not really shit but it seems so for me.
I think I'm just depressed, for a long time already.


Jun. 29th, 2016

I saw questionnaire that Pel did and well, I want to do it too!

Here we go!

Nickname: Yoki
Current age: 21
Describe yourself shortly: Lazy introverted choleric person that has nothing in her life but johnnys
Alcohol: I used to drink it on various celebrations but now I don't drink it at all
Smoke: Hate the smell
Drug: No, thanks XD
Tattoos: I kinda like them but I have none and I think I won't have them
Piercings: I have usual ear lobe piercings (two earrings on each ear). And also I have a piercing on left ear cartilage. I must say I like piercing and I would like to have more but not now XD
Fav animal: Cats. Also rats.
Fav season: Warm spring. Not-so-hot-but-really-warm summer
Fav color: Purple
Fav music: Hmm... Pop, rock. I think. I'm not good with music genres XD I don't really like things like rap, but I listen to it sometimes XD Also I hate female vocal
Fav song: Lately it's John Legend- All of me (Park Chanyeol cover)
Fav musician/group: Johnnys! Especially Johnnys' WEST, Kinki Kids and Tackey&Tsubasa. Also EXO
Fav movie: The Fifth Element
Fav series: Doctor Who
Fav books: I think I don't have any (but I liked Yevgeniy Zamyatin "We")
Fav cartoon/anime: -
Fav comic/manga: comics about Garfield :D
Fav quote:
I wish for happiness to find you. I'm praying that it does. No matter what, things will turn out all right.
Totsuka Shota
Fav word: WTF(not a word though XD)
Fav thing: sky?
Fav country: Japan
Fav pattern: stars and cats, I think
Fav flower: -
Fav food: Japanese curry rice!
Fav scent: the scent of my cat's (one of) fur XD I just couldn't remember any other scents I like
Fav perfume: None. But there is men perfum which scent I like a lot
Fav school's subject: hmmm... English
Best memory: When I had good memory (LOL). Seriously, can't remember any. Not that I don't have any great memories, I'm just bad at remembering them
Most beautiful thing someone said to you: I love you. I can't imagine my life without you. I will be always by your side no matter what
Deepest thing you said: Don't know XD
Most absurd thing you said: Don't remember XD
Best present someone can give you: MONEY! LOTS OF MONEY Also Hama-chan and/or tickets to johnnys' concerts XD
Conclude the list how you wish: It's sucks when I can't remember anything from my own life, like events or so XD


Wednesday Update #29

I just want to collapse on my bed. And do nothing.
Today wasn't an awful day but for me it seems so. I know I'm just pms-ing, but anyway... I feel so exhausted, I want to cry, I want hugs, but also I want everyone to leave me alone. Or not everyone. I really don't know.
What a bad thing of being a woman.
I hate everything, but in thr first place I hate myself for being... myself. Sometimes I can't with my own behaviour. And I can't do anything with it :( Weak.
/cries in the corner, desperately hugging herself

Sorry for this post. I'm... just pms-ing. And tired.

Wednesday Update #28

Totally forgot about it.
And I'm too lazy to write anything.
Long weekend stars today, four days yay

Wednesday Update #27

I was going to write a lot but of course I'm too lazy LOL.

I don't like my English classes anymore :( They've changed a teacher for this semester. I liked the previous one T^T After the first lesson I thought that she was sooo nice. And I at least had an interest in going to the lessons.
Current teacher quite annoys me. When I just saw her I thought "Meh, I don't really like her :/". I thought maybe I would change my mind later but later she started to annoy me even more XD

Changing the topics.
I knew Hamachan must have solo photoshoots in magazines because of his butai.
Today I woke up to THE BEST THING EVER Well, one of

LOOK!!!Collapse )

It's like he gave me the reason to live hahaha XDDD
Jokes aside, I really love this photoshoot! And I love Hamachan SO FREAKING MUCH

Okay. With this new roung of ALL THE HAMACHAN FEELINGS I'm going to sleep. Good night (θヮθ)/

Wednesday Update #26

Seriously, almost every time I write Wednesday Post, I'm feeling all down. At least today I'm not late LOL

Last weekend me and Sacchan went to see Deadpool. Like it! Totally our dirty sort of humour XDD we like dirty jokes.

I almost hated Hamachan for about a week. I couldn't look at him, I couldn't think about him. And it was strange and kinda scary because I'm not able to like johnnys/group for a long time. It happened with Kawai, it happened with A.B.C-Z. It's not like I don't like them anymore. Just... Kawai isn't my ichiban now and ebi isn't the most beloved group. It seems like I've lost most of my interest in ebi.
It happens to me, for example, I stopped loving Kisumai (at all). And Tsubasa too. Tsubasa disappointed me, so... I still love the young wonderful Tsu, but not the adult I see now.
That's why I'm scared that one day I'll stop loving Hamachan. You know, how muchI love him?? You probably don't know. But I love him SO FREAKING MUCH.I've never loved idol so much. I promised to myself that I won't leave him. And I promised it to Sacchan too.

Junta/Shige are blowing my mind as a pair. I didn't like them together but now they are literally blowing my mind. Why I started to love this pairing so much?!

I think I will stop here *laughs*

Wednesday Update #25

It's Friday already haha.

Yesterday I had English class. First lesson of this semester. Well, teacher is... normal. Quit good. I think I hope.
She said it's her tradition for students to write an essay on thr first lesson. Small essay for her to know us. Our theme was "The Person I admire the most". I wrote about Tsuyoshi of course, because I can't not admire this amazing person.
And also I don't know if I admire someone else or not XD

My groupmate said he wrote about Naruse Ryo. Yes, the main character from dorama Maou.
He watched this dorama and he likrd it a lot. I'm glad because I recommended it to him ^^
It's really weird to talk about doramas and johnnys with my groupmate...

Tomorrow we (me and Sacchan) are going to watch Deadpool *___* everyone says the movie is great, so I hope we will like it too.

And that's all for today, I need to get up from my bed XD

P.S Somehow I'm taking a rest from my the most favourite man because HE MAKES ME ANGRY don't know why XDDD maybe because I hate him XDD

Wednesday Update #24

I almost forgot about it oops
As usual..

It's 00:11 and I'm going to sleep and as always I have no idea what to write about. Or more correctly: I don't want to write anything XD
I had amazing three days at Sacchan's place T^T

My baby Hama-chan went snowboarding a few times. And he is still able to do it since he has time for it. Also he teached Kami-chan ♥ so sweet. And it seems like Hamada-gundan (fullest version - with Kami-chan) was seen today (yesterday) on some ski resort. In today's jweb Nozomu wrote that Hamada-gundan had a mission together. He promised to talk about details next week but I think he meant this? Ski resort together?

That's all. I'm off

Jan. 31st, 2016

Last week we had a cold weather (about -10°C and above). This week it's like spring has come \:D/
It's about 0/+4°. What the heck. I mean I like warm weather but since it's not normal for January... Ugh. The weather is crazy. It's raining now. Also with this warm there is quite strong wind. Also it's so wet outside. And slippery.
I don't like it.

And wow I've made a post hurray *gloomily throws confetti*

Wednesday Update #23

Still not gingerdon't want to write anything.
I made this rule for myself about writing a post in English at least once a week. But every Wednesday I forget about post or I'm like "Meh, I don't want to wriiiiite". I guess I need to make myself write here about something EVERY TIME I WANT TO SAY SOMETHING. About something

Nozomu went to make a haircut. Hope he just cut his hair (and not in an awful style) and didn't dye it. Because I got used to his blond hair, I like his blond hair. Both yellow-ish and more natural he has (had?) lately.
Hama-chan finally went snowboarding. First snowboarding of this year. Yay. He wanted to do it, so I was worried if he would be able to go. And he was, he really went snowboarding, happy for him.

I want complain about my problems with writing fics. And generallly I have a lot to complain about, but... No.
(Honestly, I just don't want to think about how to say it in English lol)
See ya