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Wednesday Update #24

I almost forgot about it oops
As usual..

It's 00:11 and I'm going to sleep and as always I have no idea what to write about. Or more correctly: I don't want to write anything XD
I had amazing three days at Sacchan's place T^T

My baby Hama-chan went snowboarding a few times. And he is still able to do it since he has time for it. Also he teached Kami-chan ♥ so sweet. And it seems like Hamada-gundan (fullest version - with Kami-chan) was seen today (yesterday) on some ski resort. In today's jweb Nozomu wrote that Hamada-gundan had a mission together. He promised to talk about details next week but I think he meant this? Ski resort together?

That's all. I'm off