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Wednesday Update #25

It's Friday already haha.

Yesterday I had English class. First lesson of this semester. Well, teacher is... normal. Quit good. I think I hope.
She said it's her tradition for students to write an essay on thr first lesson. Small essay for her to know us. Our theme was "The Person I admire the most". I wrote about Tsuyoshi of course, because I can't not admire this amazing person.
And also I don't know if I admire someone else or not XD

My groupmate said he wrote about Naruse Ryo. Yes, the main character from dorama Maou.
He watched this dorama and he likrd it a lot. I'm glad because I recommended it to him ^^
It's really weird to talk about doramas and johnnys with my groupmate...

Tomorrow we (me and Sacchan) are going to watch Deadpool *___* everyone says the movie is great, so I hope we will like it too.

And that's all for today, I need to get up from my bed XD

P.S Somehow I'm taking a rest from my the most favourite man because HE MAKES ME ANGRY don't know why XDDD maybe because I hate him XDD