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Wednesday Update #26

Seriously, almost every time I write Wednesday Post, I'm feeling all down. At least today I'm not late LOL

Last weekend me and Sacchan went to see Deadpool. Like it! Totally our dirty sort of humour XDD we like dirty jokes.

I almost hated Hamachan for about a week. I couldn't look at him, I couldn't think about him. And it was strange and kinda scary because I'm not able to like johnnys/group for a long time. It happened with Kawai, it happened with A.B.C-Z. It's not like I don't like them anymore. Just... Kawai isn't my ichiban now and ebi isn't the most beloved group. It seems like I've lost most of my interest in ebi.
It happens to me, for example, I stopped loving Kisumai (at all). And Tsubasa too. Tsubasa disappointed me, so... I still love the young wonderful Tsu, but not the adult I see now.
That's why I'm scared that one day I'll stop loving Hamachan. You know, how muchI love him?? You probably don't know. But I love him SO FREAKING MUCH.I've never loved idol so much. I promised to myself that I won't leave him. And I promised it to Sacchan too.

Junta/Shige are blowing my mind as a pair. I didn't like them together but now they are literally blowing my mind. Why I started to love this pairing so much?!

I think I will stop here *laughs*