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Jun. 29th, 2016

I saw questionnaire that Pel did and well, I want to do it too!

Here we go!

Nickname: Yoki
Current age: 21
Describe yourself shortly: Lazy introverted choleric person that has nothing in her life but johnnys
Alcohol: I used to drink it on various celebrations but now I don't drink it at all
Smoke: Hate the smell
Drug: No, thanks XD
Tattoos: I kinda like them but I have none and I think I won't have them
Piercings: I have usual ear lobe piercings (two earrings on each ear). And also I have a piercing on left ear cartilage. I must say I like piercing and I would like to have more but not now XD
Fav animal: Cats. Also rats.
Fav season: Warm spring. Not-so-hot-but-really-warm summer
Fav color: Purple
Fav music: Hmm... Pop, rock. I think. I'm not good with music genres XD I don't really like things like rap, but I listen to it sometimes XD Also I hate female vocal
Fav song: Lately it's John Legend- All of me (Park Chanyeol cover)
Fav musician/group: Johnnys! Especially Johnnys' WEST, Kinki Kids and Tackey&Tsubasa. Also EXO
Fav movie: The Fifth Element
Fav series: Doctor Who
Fav books: I think I don't have any (but I liked Yevgeniy Zamyatin "We")
Fav cartoon/anime: -
Fav comic/manga: comics about Garfield :D
Fav quote:
I wish for happiness to find you. I'm praying that it does. No matter what, things will turn out all right.
Totsuka Shota
Fav word: WTF(not a word though XD)
Fav thing: sky?
Fav country: Japan
Fav pattern: stars and cats, I think
Fav flower: -
Fav food: Japanese curry rice!
Fav scent: the scent of my cat's (one of) fur XD I just couldn't remember any other scents I like
Fav perfume: None. But there is men perfum which scent I like a lot
Fav school's subject: hmmm... English
Best memory: When I had good memory (LOL). Seriously, can't remember any. Not that I don't have any great memories, I'm just bad at remembering them
Most beautiful thing someone said to you: I love you. I can't imagine my life without you. I will be always by your side no matter what
Deepest thing you said: Don't know XD
Most absurd thing you said: Don't remember XD
Best present someone can give you: MONEY! LOTS OF MONEY Also Hama-chan and/or tickets to johnnys' concerts XD
Conclude the list how you wish: It's sucks when I can't remember anything from my own life, like events or so XD



Jun. 30th, 2016 11:58 am (UTC)
Kyaaaa lemme squish yaaa *hugs*