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Wednesday Update #22

I want to sleeeep. But I forgot about this post yesterday so I think I need to write something today. In other case I will forget about this post again orz

Today I've done my last exam. So my first semester in the university is over. Five more to go.
But now two free weeks \(*3*)/ *collapses*
Honestly, I have no idea what to write. I want to sleep right now (it's 00:21) and I'm tired and all .___.
So I guess I will go to sleep then.

P.S I love Hama-chan. And Nozomu (I couldn't imagine I would love this kid so freaking much). And KotaHama.
And 4U
And lot moooore people D:

Wednesday Update #21

I don't want to study for an exam so I just stuck on YouTube and watch videos LOL procrastination \:D/
I accidentally found a channel called "Rachel & Jun". It's a married couple. She is from America and he is Japanese. They are so cute so I couldn't stop watching their videos!
And know I switched to English XD I mean I think in English right now lol

It's snowing since yesterday. We have a lot of snow! It's not like I love snow but somehow it makes me exciting.
And it's -10°C outside. Cold! But better than -24°C XD

that's all I want to say right now. I think it's first time (or one of) when I write my post before reading jwest blogs XD

Wednesday Update #20

20th update yay *throws confetti*
Every time when I have to write a post I'm feeling down LOL
Yesterday me and my mom met her friend, today we spent time with my aunt an her son. It was fun but now I'm tired.
Hama-chan didn't update his blog today (only KiriJunta and all of the suddenNozomu updated today).
Well, that's all what I can say.
Lazy holidays. Don't want to prepare for my exams it won't help anyway LOL
I hope my cards for girls will come to them at least in February. Letter for me from my friend still hasn't came. Despite another girl who lives in my city got the letter.
what the heck.

Don't want to write anything else

Wednesday Update #19

It's my 19th Wednesday Update and it's the last one this year.
I don't want to summarise my year (despite it would be good to do it), I'm too lazy for it orz
Honestly I'm too tired to think orz As always XD

It wasn't really fulfilled year. Just... normal. Quite bad.
As for fandom, I'm glad I know some wonderful people ♥
As for JE, I suddenly realised HOW MUCH I love Nozomu. And Hama-chan is just arsfsydgdysgzg WHY ARE YOU SO COOL YOU IDIOT. Haha XD

I'm too emotional.
Nevermind XD


Let's have a wonderful 2016!

See ya ♥

P.S what a strange post today LOL

Wednesday Update #18

I think I'll be like Ryusei who always updates late XD

Maybe I should leave it and write this post tomorrow? But well, tomorrow I will also forget XD

we have warm weather. It's not normal for our region. Usually (it was so) it's like -10°C for this period I think. And we have about +5/+8. I like warm weather but... It rains often and the wind is quite strong (not really strong, but about 4 and more m/s and it's cold .___.)

I wanted to write something but I forgot. Oops. Well, I think I will end here. Another pointless post LOL I always forget what I want to write when it comes to writing a post. And also I'm too lazy to write post and think how to say it in English and so on...
I'm tired. Can't English XD

P.S I didn't write anything about johnnys XD But I still love Hama-chan, hehe ♥

Wednesday Update #17

I forgot about it again (^^;
I don't really want to think about what to say XD

umn.. studying goes... not so good but it goes (LOL)
My mood still changes reeeally quickly.
Now I have a stomach ache for a certain reason.
Hama-chan is still idiot :'3 (and he changed color of his hair). Nozomu is still blond (at least he was blond this wednesday). I like blond Nozomu all og the sudden.
There were some KotaHama photos in magazines. I'm happy! ^^
I don't want to look at Tsubasa anymore XD I was like ehhhh what the heckwhen I saw him on FNS.

I bought a backpack yesterday!

That's all.. XD It's 9:11, I need to get up

Wednesday Update #16

Hellllllooo :D
I almost forgot about this update oops as usual

Well, today is jwest album's release date! So I will talk about it.
First of all... As I thought we got jwest album faster than takkitsuba album despite takkitsuba album was released a week ago.
Oh, oh! Today is 2 years since I listened to takkitsuba songs for about 4 hours and I listened a lot to Takkitsuba Ondo soo... Today is 2 years of loving Takkitsuba a lot :D yaay
time flies ugh

Back to jwest album.
Hmmm don't know if I will be able to say something about every song but I will try to do it.

Lucky Specialreminds me (and not only me) of Mambo de West XD song is funny and good. But I don't really like chorus XD I mean it's okay but makes song sound not so good in general...
Seven PowersIt's amazing! They all are really singing in their styles! And OMG HAMA-CHAN!!! HIS VOICE UGH!!!! I literally made KYAAAA while listening to album yesterday. Two solo parts and both make me die.
Gatten Anthemis so light and bright and cute and catchy (well, all of the songs are catchy btw! XD). I really love this song, it's my favourite now! Not because Hama-chan likes this song tho XD despite his favourite from this album is Lovely Xmas LOL
Horumonit's... hilarious? Don't know. Just funny, really funny. And kind of chaotic XD
3.1415926535(if I'm not mistaken lol). It's a song about pi! Like look we can make rap that consists of numbers of pi!Funny song, but sounds kinda aggressive for me XD
Kimi e no melodyis soooo beautiful *______* I cried while listening to it LOL I'm too emotional XD and Hama-chan sings there "Let's kiss" with his wonderful voice ugh LET'S KISS, my love!!
Eternalsooo cool!! Can't say anything more about it. Just very cool ♥ and I don't like chorus tho. It sound not so good :(
Tamer (Junta solo) it's AMAZING!! I hoped his solo will be like that. It blows my mind, it makes me imagine amazing pictures in my head. Just... thanks for this song.
Lovely Xmas (KamiShige) It's cute and really Christmasy, but too sweet XD so I don't really like it.
Terrible (KotaRyu) guys YOU ARE SERIOUSLY TERRIBLE *screams* brilliant sexy song. And NOZOMU'S VOICE MAKES ME GO LIKE KYAAAAAAA OMG BABY I LOVE YOU *dies*
Also this song makes me think about kotahama-porn /coughs
Konna kyoku tsukurimashita (KiriHama) I thought it will be something different. But yeah, KamiShige are "cute", KotaRyu are "cool" and KiriHama are "funny".
And Junta is a tamer in this zoo
KiriHama are AWESOME IDIOTS. I laughed like crazy while listening to their song for the first time :D it's too chaotic, too weird... but so funny XD and Hama-chan's voice PERFECT
(もちろんたかひろぉぉぉ~ ♥)

I can't think and can't English anymore XD
I'm glad I like the whole album :D
And let me say it again: HAMA-CHAN'S VOICE!!!!!!
I don't like when he sings with high voice, it sounds awful for me XD so whe he sings with low voice I almost have goosebumps.
And all of the sudden Hama-chan sings strange in this album O__o couldn't recognise him in almost every song.

That's all for now~
Bye bye (θヮθ)ノシ

Wednesday Update #15

Hi. It's my 15th W.U. and yesterday I completely forgot about it for a first time *facepalm*
As well as my Purple Horse (Hamada one, not Kawai XD) was a little bit late with his jweb update.
Nonsuke was also late so when J-Web staff wrote about updating...

...this made me happyCollapse )

Lately (last two days?) I'm into anime "Osomatsu-san". Because some people mentioned it in twitter, I also saw johnnys osomatsu-style fanart so I was wondering what this anime is like. And it's somehow really interesting for me :D

Have nothing else to write. I'm crap, my life is crap bye.

Wednesday Update #14

I was going to write this post before going to the university but I was lazy shit. And now when I'm back home it's 23:14 and I'm exhausted orz
I don't want to change the day of my updates because it's already called "Wednesday update". And it's the day of WEST's jwebs sooo LET ME BE CLOSER TO MY FAVOURITE MAN
Despite Wednesday feels like the most difficult day in my university timetable ugh.

First of all, Taguchi. I was SHOCKED when I saw it in my TL... Japanese fans almost all went like Eh?
My friend screamed what? Then WHAT?! And then this news ran across the whole TL.
When I read the first tweets about it I literally cried. Not cried loud hysterically (XD) but I realised there are tears... I wonder what happened, I hope they will tell us.
Ugh... Few hours before Best Artists I listened to some KAT-TUN songs and I thought "oh I really got used to them as 4, they are doing their best. I thought they want be okay after Koki left but they are okay!". And then there is... orz
Maybe they weren't okay after all... And Taguchi is just done with JE and showbiz (as Nakamaru(?) said: Taguchi wanted to leave the entertainment world).
But about 3-4 hours I was very tired of all those tweets with crying and so on =___= I got angry, I'm always getting angry when there are lots of lpng lasting crying. Like STOP PLEASE stop complaining and crying. So I just kept (and still keep) telling myself that I would have the same reaction if it was my johnnys.
Honestly, I don't want to talk about it anymore.

I also was going to write about Tsubasa. Hmm..
Well, I will try to.
I have a list of my "official ichibans". Johnnys who are really ichibans.
(Because I have a lot favourite johnnys as well as VERY FAVOURITE  and some "almost ichiban" johnnys XD). I had 5 ichibans, but now I have 3. I understood that I don't like Iwamoto that much now O_o (not now, it was a few months ago but anyway). Another one whom I removed from this list is Tsuyoshi (Domoto). It's not like I stopped loving him (like I did with Iwamoto). I love Tsuyoshi so much! But.. I just don't want him to be in my list. I also like Koichi very much but he even wasn't in my list... I don't know how to explain it.
And back to the topic. Tsubasa.
It's kinda same thing as it was with Iwamoto. Tsubasa doesn't impress me now for I don't know what reason. I look at him and... don't feel what I felt before. And also I don't see him often.. :(
Tsu in his 20s (about 20, time around debut and younger, and some time after debut) makes me all KYAAAA OMG DOKI DOKI. Looooots of emotions. Because this PRETTY YOUNG BOY OMG AAHGSGSFSTAFAFSFSGSYDGYDDH *dead*. Maybe that's why he is still my ichiban lol
I just don't want to let him go out of "my official ichiban". I'm the person who doesn't like changes XD
With this thoughts I also think about removing Zaki-san from "list of ichibans". Then I would finally have one and only one ichiban
But once again, I don't want changes XD

This update is kinda long and weird XD

Wednesday Update #13


First of all... Yesterday a 22 years old guy wrote to me O__o all of the sudden. He is from Tunisia, he is intern in hospital and so on. He wrote to me in our Russian social network, in English of course. It's so weird for me XD I don't really want to communicate with him XD I generally don't like to communicate with strangers. But I can't say to him "go away", it's rude, so I just answer him when he writes XD

Fandom things?
JWEST jwebs.
Shige is crazy as always, Kiriyama is a little bit boring (and without his usual last sentence.. why T__T). Junta... OMG it was soooo funny for me XD I laughed hysterically for about 5 minutes XDDD It's not like it's so much fun but all of the sudden it was funny for me.
Non-chan is sweet boy♥ and Hama-chan made me quite happy FINALLY
He wrote about Nonsuke's butai and that Nonsuke was good and Hama-chan wants to go to the butai again (and he will do it). Also Hama-chan used the emoticon that is usually used by Non -> *¥(^o^)/*
Awww so sweet :') OTP!!!!

Don't know what else to write.
Still don't want to go to the university, don't want to study. Meh :/
Give me my OTP please.